Inventory Management Software Features, Inventory

Part of choosing this software has to include examining its features. It should allow you to build a customer and vendor database, as well as maintain that information. There should be integrated security within the software, to control user level access. You should have an idea of the reporting capabilities of the software, and ensure those reports match your needs. It should also allow you to import and export data for use with other programs, such as your company’s financial platform or Ecommerce site. Obviously, the one you select should have some inventory features. A low inventory-warning feature is a good idea to help you order items in a timely manner, prior to having none, and potentially missing a sale. Real time inventory reporting is another important feature that gives you the ability to see exactly what you have any time, and not just at end of business after running a polling process. Many real time inventory management software solutions include multiple locations for storage to make multiple warehouses of additional bin locations easier to manage.


Your software should be compatible with your financial platform to ease the process of recurring orders. In addition, the choice you make should be able to convert from inventory received as pieces into “kits” if your business requires that.

Ease of Use

The inventory management software should be simple to navigate for your users. It should provide technical support and customer service. J.M. Field Marketing’s propriety inventory management software, All In View, offers all the above and is completely customizable to your website (or can act as your shopping cart)! To find out more, call us today! 844-523-1957

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